Captain WIPs

Oh course it was only a matter of time before I got on to post about the leaders of a Space Marine army, the Captains. Originally I was only going to run with the middle one, currently unnamed Captain of the 5th Company, to lead my army... but I decided I needed a jump pack Captain as well. That lead me to building the one on the left, Captain of my 4th Company. He, and the one on the far right, are built largely from the Vanguard Veteran Squad kit. Finally, on the far right, Captain of the 2nd Company, is my "count-as" Captain Pellas Mir'san from the Imperial Armour index. Can't wait to get these bad boys finished!

Bring on the First Company!

Midnight Dragons 5th Company Command Squad... Oh wait

First Game of 8th Edition

Command Squad and Chapter Emlbem

We Need Heavy Support!

First Game!